Drive Companion 2.2

Wed Jul 10, 2019

Drive Companion 2.2 has been released.

Right-click context menu

We added additional new features to a new right-click context menu

Drive Companion right-click context menu

Drive Companion right-click context menu

Check the how-to to see how to access this menu from the different Google applications.

Copy page URL

It is now possible to copy the URL of the currently opened page to the clipboard. This works for all sites/pages regardless if they are opened in a popup window or a tab.

Move to tab

We have also added a way to move a popup window back to a tab in a new Chrome window. This also works on all sites/pages.


We changed the way our application detects drive/doc requests to a navigation event before considering it to move to a popup window. This way we no longer require additional site access. However, to be able to access the current page URL we require browser history access, which you may have to grant after the update.

Finally, we improved minor cosmetic issues.