Drive Companion 2.0

Thu Mar 29, 2018

Drive Companion 2.0 has been released.

Better performance

We improved the processing speed by capturing requests earlier on (even before the browser starts a new navigation event).

Drive Companion groups all supported Google Docs together

Drive Companion groups all supported Google Docs together

We added a popup that appears when clicking on the icon of Drive Companion.

New popup for extension

New popup for extension

You can choose to open the ‘portal’ for each type of supported document (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides).

Additionally, you can move any tab currently focused in the browser to the Drive Companion app window.


We added our first list of options for this extension based on feedback of users.

New options for extension

New options for extension

First of all, it is possible to select which types of documents (or Drive) will be moved to a popup window. This way, you can disable the behavior for certain/all types without needing to disable the entire extension.

Secondly, we added the option to maximize popups. This is also configurable per type of document (or Drive).


We now automatically show a new tab when the extension has been updated to let you know what new features are added.

Also, we changed the icon a little bit as there are other extensions out there using the Google Drive icon. This makes it easier to find the Drive Companion extension.