Make Google Drive behave like a desktop application. Open Drive files from the Google Drive web interface or directly from the desktop.

Dedicated windows

Drive files open automatically in their own dedicated window, easily accessible.
They are grouped together in a dedicated taskbar item on the taskbar.

Quick access

Depending on the OS, it supports task-switching through keyboard shortcuts and allows previewing thumbnails.

Google Drive Support

Support for Google Drive
Google Docs, Google Sheets,
Google Slides.


Drive Companion is a Chrome extension, and can be installed from the Chrome Webstore.


We don’t support asking money for a great, free service, this extension will always be free

Download the extension now

The Drive Companion extension can be downloaded from the Chrome webstore

Download Drive Companion for Chrome

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How to access the right-click context menu

on Wed Jul 10, 2019

Google Drive applications usually disable the browser right-click context menu in favour of the application specific context menu. However, it is still possible to access the extension actions by right-clicking in the right spot. We might revisit the way we provide access to these in a later update, but for now, this will have to do. Google Drive In Google Drive, right-click on the search field. Google Docs In Google Docs, right-click on the white space next to the document title.

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Drive Companion 2.2

on Wed Jul 10, 2019

Drive Companion 2.2 has been released. Right-click context menu We added additional new features to a new right-click context menu Drive Companion right-click context menu Check the how-to to see how to access this menu from the different Google applications. Copy page URL It is now possible to copy the URL of the currently opened page to the clipboard. This works for all sites/pages regardless if they are opened in a popup window or a tab.

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Drive Companion 2.1

on Sat May 11, 2019

Drive Companion 2.1 has been released. Modern interface We feel that nowadays it is equally important to provide a modern and good looking interface to a user. Even though this extension is as simple as it gets, it could also use some modernization. So here you go, a nice looking popup window. Drive Companion modern popup window Ofcourse not only the popup, but also the settings page got the same styling.

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Drive Companion 2.0

on Thu Mar 29, 2018

Drive Companion 2.0 has been released. Better performance We improved the processing speed by capturing requests earlier on (even before the browser starts a new navigation event). Drive Companion groups all supported Google Docs together Popup We added a popup that appears when clicking on the icon of Drive Companion. New popup for extension You can choose to open the ‘portal’ for each type of supported document (Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides).

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